Thursday, March 3, 2011

MINI Deep Dish Pizzas

I am sure you think I eat this deep dish stuff too much!  If you haven't made this recipe for pizza crust (which you can use for almost anything), I highly encourage you to do it!
We made pizza the other day, the recipe yields enough for two pizzas.  So I ended up with the dough screaming for me in the fridge.  I wondered if I could use my Demarle muffin pan to make mini pizzas.  Turns out you can!  The half yield of dough made 8 mini deep dishes.  Because I was experimenting I used various fillings.  Leftover pasta sauce, pepperoni, chicken, Caesar dressing, onions, Parmesan cheese.  Everyone was delicious!  My favorite was actually one with sliced onions and a dab of butter.  They would be great vegetarian appetizers.
I look forward to trying different fillings and other kinds of crusts and such!

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