Sunday, August 19, 2012

No bread household and a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

These are so simple and perfect for someone like me who rarely keeps bread in the house. In fact I am always looking for bread cheats. I love the Pillsbury can of French bread. It makes a great simple French bread for dinner or can be spread with pepperoni and mozzarella, chicken and swiss before being rolled up. I have also made Jacques Pépin's quick soda bread for an easy option. Also, drop biscuits are a five minute option. The bread for these is a flatbread made from your favorite yeast roll dough, homemade or frozen. When you use frozen dough one roll for each piece, or combine two to make a large flatbread to fill like a gyro.  Once the dough is ready to shape, roll it out to your desired shape and toss it on your preheated surface; grill, griddle, pan.  They don't take long to cook since they are thin, just a couple minutes on each side.
To fill this sandwich all you need is chicken, buffalo wing sauce, lettuce, and feta.  ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An old fashioned machine for an old fashioned cook

I am the proud owner of a cavatelli maker! Look at the picture, so beautiful with the original box and all. In case you don't know, this thing makes cute little shell shaped dumplings. I whipped up a batch using the recipe in the little pink pamphlet in the box. I served them with some fresh tomatoes, dash of basil, fresh mozz, and sprinkle of olive oil.
I really liked the cavatelli. I feel they need a more toothsome sauce. Bit they are soft and light, just delicious.

Follow up: I had some from my freezer with a bit of homemade Alfredo, very nice, with I had some broccoli. Very easy from frozen. I also was a little heavy handed on the salt I'm the water. These babies sucks up a lot, so over salted water will lead to quite over salted dumplings.

When a plan comes together...

Trying to pull together a meal I landed on rye bread and chicken, maybe a chicken sandwich.  With Jacques in my head, I decided to try an open-faced burger, he had done one with salmon the night before. A bit of crusty bread, a dash of milk, cilantro, onion, and a chicken breast, all tossed in the food processor. After forming the party I pit it in the fridge to set. Thinking of another Jacques recipe I tossed some grape tomatoes into a pan with some hot oil and crushed garlic, as they began to break I tossed in some water and let them mixture thicken up. A dash of salt and some fresh basil finished off the sauce. A sear and steam for the burger and I was ready for assembly.
Pan toasted marbled rye, soft chicken burger, smother in tomato basil sauce, finish with feta.
I love it when a plan come together!