Sunday, August 19, 2012

No bread household and a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

These are so simple and perfect for someone like me who rarely keeps bread in the house. In fact I am always looking for bread cheats. I love the Pillsbury can of French bread. It makes a great simple French bread for dinner or can be spread with pepperoni and mozzarella, chicken and swiss before being rolled up. I have also made Jacques Pépin's quick soda bread for an easy option. Also, drop biscuits are a five minute option. The bread for these is a flatbread made from your favorite yeast roll dough, homemade or frozen. When you use frozen dough one roll for each piece, or combine two to make a large flatbread to fill like a gyro.  Once the dough is ready to shape, roll it out to your desired shape and toss it on your preheated surface; grill, griddle, pan.  They don't take long to cook since they are thin, just a couple minutes on each side.
To fill this sandwich all you need is chicken, buffalo wing sauce, lettuce, and feta.  ENJOY!!!

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