Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When a plan comes together...

Trying to pull together a meal I landed on rye bread and chicken, maybe a chicken sandwich.  With Jacques in my head, I decided to try an open-faced burger, he had done one with salmon the night before. A bit of crusty bread, a dash of milk, cilantro, onion, and a chicken breast, all tossed in the food processor. After forming the party I pit it in the fridge to set. Thinking of another Jacques recipe I tossed some grape tomatoes into a pan with some hot oil and crushed garlic, as they began to break I tossed in some water and let them mixture thicken up. A dash of salt and some fresh basil finished off the sauce. A sear and steam for the burger and I was ready for assembly.
Pan toasted marbled rye, soft chicken burger, smother in tomato basil sauce, finish with feta.
I love it when a plan come together!

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