Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An old fashioned machine for an old fashioned cook

I am the proud owner of a cavatelli maker! Look at the picture, so beautiful with the original box and all. In case you don't know, this thing makes cute little shell shaped dumplings. I whipped up a batch using the recipe in the little pink pamphlet in the box. I served them with some fresh tomatoes, dash of basil, fresh mozz, and sprinkle of olive oil.
I really liked the cavatelli. I feel they need a more toothsome sauce. Bit they are soft and light, just delicious.

Follow up: I had some from my freezer with a bit of homemade Alfredo, very nice, with I had some broccoli. Very easy from frozen. I also was a little heavy handed on the salt I'm the water. These babies sucks up a lot, so over salted water will lead to quite over salted dumplings.

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