Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Look! (for my head and my menu)

I've been needing a haircut for longer than I care to specify, but on Saturday I went in for a trim.  That trim changed when I saw a picture in a magazine.  So after some debating, and some encouragement from the stylist.......
I LOVE IT and it is totally different from anything I have ever had.  I haven't had bangs since I was SEVEN! 

So... onto the food... I have mentioned liking to plan my menu.  I do like to do that, but I hate writing out my "seven day plan", then crossing out something because I'm not in the mood, realizing I don't have something, or throwing out that paper every week.  I remembered seeing a craft blog about making your own dry erase boards using old picture frames.  So I decided to find a cute menu planner template and print it on scrapbook paper.  Instead I found this cute template from Ollibird's Blog.  About the same time Walgreen's offered a free 8x10 picture, Michael's had an 11x17 frame on clearance, and their scrapbook paper was clearance priced as well.  So I uploaded this template to Walgreen's photo, got it "shipped" to the store, and it was completely free!  Then popped the scrapbook paper into the bottom half of the frame, and came out with this!

I use three markers, red for lunches, blue for dinner, and black for grocery list.  Each day has a dinner idea in blue first.  These are based on my plans for the week, etc.  I erase the meal after two days.  This way I have spaces available to move around meals.  Like, today I didn't feel up to making the balsamic reduction steak and veggies, so I moved it to an empty space for next week, and wrote in a simpler meal.  A couple days have events on them, don't have to do dinner those days!  Also, you can see the lower middle (Saturday) just says spinach.  I don't have a recipe yet, but I need to use up my fresh spinach. Lunches get jotted down at least a day in advance, this way I can get things ready the night before.  Also I have alternative things written up top, not in days as options if nothing in the menu sounds good.  :-)
Anything I don't have for the recipes gets written in the lower area.  It is great for when I am cooking and use up the last of something.  I don't have to search for pen and paper, then search for that when I get ready to go to the store.  I just take a picture on my phone and email it to my Ipod, or type into the notepad on my Ipod.
And the frame is great for tucking in a recipe (see upper left corner).

So far this has been wonderful, easy, and convenient!

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