Sunday, October 24, 2010

Leftovers Rock!

I love leftovers!  I love leftover pizza for breakfast the next morning (cold).  I love left over mashed potatoes, just add BBQ sauce and heat up for a fast easy breakfast, or lunch I suppose.  A little extra of any dinner makes a great next day lunch.  But occasionally I find I have only a little leftover of one piece of the dinner.  That is okay.  This is where soup, stoup come to play.
Just a little bit of leftover veggies?  Add them to a container in layers until you have enough to add to a soup, keep the container in the freezer.  You can also add the last little bit of broth in a can, or some leftover meat.  When you find soup making time, just through it in and add until it is just right.  My mom made some great soup growing up that was filling and yummy, and to be honest, cheap.  I made a little pot a few weeks ago with some potatoes that were growing on m counter.  I boiled the cubed potatoes, added ground turkey (I don't ever buy ground beef anymore), some badly freezer burned green beans, little tiny bit of corn (you know, the last bit of the package, leftover diced tomatoes, and a cube of chicken bullion.  This was so good, brought me back home to an easy fall Sunday dinner.
"Stoup", ever heard of it?  Rachel Ray describes stoups as "thicker than a soup but not quite a stew".  This is good if you have something chunky left over, large chopped onion, rough chopped tomatoes, or in my case some mango chutney.  I have been wanting to do something with this chutney, but haven't been quite sure what to do.  I had about a cup left.  Yesterday I cut up a chicken thigh, browned it in the pot, added the chutney and a half can of chicken broth, and let it simmer away.  I'm gonna gush again, the chutney is SO good.  This made a thick stoup that was flavorful and took 10 minutes.  If I was gonna do it again I might puree the chutney to make a creamier stoup, but it really didn't matter at all.
Easy, yummy, AND fast, gotta love it!

P.S. Gonna make some YUMMY deep dish pizza today and also will be posting my truffle making project tonight.

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