Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crescent Puffs, One Recipe, Five Dishes

Buffalo Chicken Crescent Puffs
I know I haven't posted my food up here for a few weeks, but I'm back!
The inspiration for this appetizer dinner was a recipe found browsing on for Buffalo Chicken Crescent Puffs.  These delicious morsels are cream cheese, buffalo sauce, shredded chicken, and bleu cheese, stuffed in crescent dough, rolled in bread crumbs and baked.  Naturally I changed it a bit, didn't have any bleu cheese, so I used feta I had in the fridge, and did egg dip instead of butter.  These were so good!  Little crunch on the outside, perfectly spicy and creamy, only thing I would have changed would be more chicken, or bigger chunks.

So I got to thinking these would be a good delivery mode for a whole bunch of fillings.  Since it was conference weekend (yes, I know that was almost three weeks ago), I decided to have a crescent puff meal with "L".  I thought all of them turned out WONDERFUL!

Breakfast Puffs

For breakfast we did scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese.  Rolled these in melted butter and baked til golden.

Chicken Ceasar Puffs

First lunch course was shredded (cooked) chicken, parmesan cheese, bacon, and ceasar dressing.  Rolled in butter and then parmesan cheese.  I think these would do better with a bread crumb coating for crunch.

Pizza Puffs

Second course, diced pepperoni and pizza cheese mix.  I think next time I will add a little sauce to the filling to round it out.  These got washed in butter and rolled in parm cheese too.

Apple Cinnamon Rounds

Finally, dessert!  Diced apple, brown sugar, and cinnamon made a great filling.  THen rolled in butter and cinnamon sugar.  We paired these with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  (Sticking up is my sugar art from the melted sugar on the silpat, which reminds me, if you are using a regular cookie sheet for any of these, line it with foil, they may leak a little.) 

We ran out of crescent dough before we could do the s'mores ones we had planned, fluff and a bit if chocolate inside and Nilla wafer crumbs outside... yummmm... I am looking forward to doing those soon!

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