Wednesday, October 20, 2010


If I was someone else, and had made this for me, I would have fallen in love with me.  I am NOT kidding.  This was yummy, amazing, multi-faceted, in your face, subtle, sweet, spicy, warm, comforting, delicious food.  I made Indian spiced chicken with apple-mango chutney.  I was browsing my Betty Crocker IPod app (I love the recipes in this!), and found this recipe for Indian Spiced Chicken and Chutney.  I cut the recipe in half and threw together the marinade on Sunday night.  Of course, being Sunday and last minute, I made alterations to compensate for what I was missing.  First, I used plain Greek yogurt, next, no coriander (oh yeah, I forgot I was going to put it on my shopping list) I used turmeric, and I just omitted the cloves.  I was planning on making this Monday night, but I ended up changing plans and didn't make this til Tuesday.  I wonder if it was even more amazing because of the extra marinating time.  That yogurt sure makes the marinade.  I grilled this in my cast iron grill pan (which thanks to asking my Dad, instead of the internet, does not smoke and is now well seasoned).  The turmeric made the chicken a beautiful yellow (don't get it on your counters, it WILL stain).

You may note in the recipe it says to buy canned mango chutney.  I checked it out in the store, at least $5 for a smaller jar.  For about that much I can make my own and have the experience of making it!  Can I tell you how many recipes there are for mango chutney online?  I wasn't sure how to proceed?  So many recipes, so many spices I didn't have and was completely unfamiliar with!  I finally settled on a pretty basic one from Epicurious (on their app too).  I roughly halved this recipe.  I used two small apples, one large mango, half of everything else, some extra curry powder, dash of red pepper flakes and more cinnamon for the nutmeg.  Oh and regular raisins too.  The recipe directions are for canning the chutney.  I just simmered it covered for about 30 minutes, til it looked like a preserve.  It almost smells like Christmas while it is simmering away.  I thought it was a weird combo, wasn't even sure I would like it. 

Indian Spiced Chicken and Apple-Mango Chutney on Whole Wheat Noodles
I know I should have put it on rice, but I loved it on noodles.  The chicken was SO moist and flavorful.  The chutney was spicy and sweet at the same time.  The spicy didn't get hotter as you ate, it just... was.  Five minutes after eating it there was no spicy aftertaste.  I had the leftovers for lunch the next day, still awesome!
I have to say I was mightily impressed with myself.  I have some chutney in the fridge, it is sounding really good for lunch tomorrow. 
भारतीय भोजन स्वादिष्ट है

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