Friday, July 26, 2013

Weight Watchers and Joanne... A Love Story

Weight Watchers and I have had an on again off again relationship over the years.

We met in high school and WW kept me happy and feeling good about myself.  We drifted apart over the years, like high school relationships do.

Then a couple years ago I started wanting a relationship again.  And I spent some time with a few different diet plans, but I never really felt that connection I was looking for.   I had some good times, but we always parted ways, I always felt unsatisfied.

I finally swallowed my pride and started talking to WW again.  I was very excited as we started a relationship again.  I started moving too fast.  I was trying to eat far below the points WW suggested.  I was grumpy, unsatisfied, and NOT COOKING!  I was focused only on fat-free, sugar-free, “non-food” food dates.  So, I started cheating.  I started to go on secret high point dates, but still show up for my low point veggie filled dates.  I started to get angry with WW for no reason; it really was entirely my fault.  But, finally, I lost it and broke it off completely with WW.

A year or so went by, and I found myself looking at pictures.  You know what that is like; you look at pictures and think of how things would be different or better, somehow, if you had stayed together.  So, after a lot of soul searching and asking myself what was important, I contacted WW online. 

WW took me back!!!
This time WW looked and acted a little differently and that worked well for us.  We spent more time together via my cell phone.  We laid down a few important ground rules.  And I can happily report that we are in a happy, committed, and productive relationship!

Now, to depart from the analogy, I wanted to share my three ground rules.

1)  I can eat whatever I want as long as I plan for it.
2)  Don’t be afraid to eat my daily points AND my weekly points.
3)  Water, vegetables, and movement are the only things I have to focus on.

These rules are what keep me sane and on track.  They translate to:

1)  This is about lifestyle, it is MY lifestyle.
2)  This is about eating more HEALTHILY, not about calorie consumption.
3)  EVERYBODY should focus on these things.

And so, there it is folks, my “relationship” with Weight Watchers.  Like any couple we argue, disagree, and have bad days.  But we always make up, and the good days outweigh the bad (no pun intended). 

All my following posts will have the recipes with Weight Watchers adjustments and PointsPlus values, which I have calculated myself.  I hope this can help someone looking for good food and good cooking!