Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easy Chinese? POT STICKERS!

I love Chinese food, but high sodium and deep fried aren't waist or wallet friendly options.  I bought a wok a while back and actually followed a recipe for stir fry, which turned out great; and when plugged into a calorie counter, didn't break my daily count.  So, I have been cruising for other Chinese recipes.  I figured something steamed would be great, but I needed something packed with flavor. 
I used my Epicurious app to find Asian main dishes.  Pot stickers jumped out at me.  So I read a bunch of the recipes, seemed fairly uncomplicated, and pretty healthy.  (Tip: When making a new recipe read more than one version and the recipes reviews.  Sometimes a direction that is unclear in one recipe is cleared in another, or someone can review it and tell you what they used in a pinch to substitute a missing pantry supply.)  I used mainly the recipe from this recipe, and the prep directions from this recipe. 
Chicken Pot Sticker Filling
Here are the accommodations I made for the recipe.  I halved the recipe.  I didn't have ground meat on hand (I rarely do), so I finely diced some chicken (maybe it was minced?).  This is easiest if your chicken breast is slightly frozen, I used a 5 oz piece of chicken breast.  I also didn't have cabbage, so I used kale.  Also, didn't have carrots, I just left that out.  Since the recipe called for a half egg, I made the liquid whole recipe and just poured in half.  No sesame oil, just used toasted sesame seeds and olive oil.  Half an egg?  Just used the egg white.  I used wonton wrappers, the small square size.

Don't overfill these, they will shrink

1 1/2 tsp of filling, top and half of each side to seal
Keeping them covered with a damp towel keeps them from drying out

This is how many half of this recipe makes.
All DONE!!! Steamed and ready!
Beautiful Crispy Bottom   

This makes enough for two people.

And that is about 300 calories per person!

The second time I made these I served them with the frozen steamable rice, so easy and fast.

When you are cooking these just stick to the times in the recipe, even if it feels too long.

I will for sure be making them many more times!!!
They smell and taste like good Chinese, not fast food Chinese.

Have fun making them!!!

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