Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vietnamese Summer Rolls (aka Alien Babies)

I made these today after church and shared them with my roommate, who promptly poked and prodded them, dubbing them "alien babies".  If you have ever had summer rolls before you know they have an almost sticky opaque wrapper, which inspired the name.  The rice papers were one of those things I just wanted to try out, then Bon Appetit featured a Vietnamese Summer Roll recipe that looked simple, so I went out and bought the rice papers.  Naturally I changed up the ingredients for the summer rolls according to what I had on hand, and would use as leftovers.  I knew I wouldn't be in the mood to julienne any vegetables, so I purchased prepared broccoli slaw mix.  I didn't have any sprouts (which I love) or basil or mint, so they just got left out.
I used:
1/3 package of rice noodles - Pour hot water covering noodles, sit for 10 minutes, cool in ice water, drain
Bag of broccoli slaw - Empty into bowl
Bunch of cilantro - I tore the leaves from a whole bunch and mixed it into the slaw
20 large shrimp (precooked, thawed) - take off tails, slice in half
Some lettuce - I got to use some fresh lettuce from the ward garden, rinsed well of course
8 Rice papers - Dampen them as you go.

I put about 5 shrimp on the rice papers, then some of the cilantro/slaw, then a bit of noodles, and a couple pieces of lettuce.  Then wrapped them up.
Disclaimer: I really should have watched a video about how to wrap these, you are welcome to try it as I did, but the following videos should help you get an idea of how to start the wrapping.

 I think I will do a better wrapping next time, for sure!

But I made them, and served them with a little soy sauce mixed with Asian chili sauce.

Now I am trying to figure out what else I can put in these gummy little wrappers next!
Tho'm Ngon!

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