Monday, December 15, 2008

Catching Up at Christmas

So 10 days til Christmas... What are you thinking about? I'm trying to get presents together and figure out what I'm doing for Christmas. Well, not really, just hoping I can do everything I want to do. I love that we finally have snow out here in Logan, about 6 inches. I loved shoveling for two reasons... the snow is light and fluffy and one of our neighbors came and snow blowed most of it. Yay for great neighbors! I'm gonna make cookies or something for him. Work is great. I'm glad that most of my training is finished, although the training in Salt Lake was helpful. I felt a little more confident today. Oh, I found out that it is really great to have mile reimbursement. The $30 I spent on gas for the training last week, will be reimbursed at about $200. Did I mention I LOVE mile reimbursement? I had a great birthday!!! Thanks to all that sent me birthday wishes. My best roomie took me out to eat on Saturday night. And on Sunday we made my mom's recipe for cinnamon rolls, my Aunt Jan's pizza braid, and my Grammie's French Cherry Pie. It was fun! I also sang in church with the choir. Well, I think that's it... looking forward to the rest of the holiday season!!!!!

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